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Riding the Winds of Death

by Denfire

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Break Out 05:33
Flame That burns inside Sets the way For higher tides Guts From deep within Fire up the will To change the fading skin Out on this sea of madness I’m fucking boundless The soul shines bright Like the Sun in the darkness Spitting fire! Lone Been left to rot Had to show a thing or two To that highbrow silly lot Now I’m on the edge It’s time to rip and tear Bash until the end Sacrifice, roll the dice Just cut the crap Break out! Come winds of change Feed the wolf inside Paint my own destiny I long for the ride Into the night Jacked, locked and loaded (Now) I’m seeing red Out of my way! Left aside, patronized It just don’t matter All it does is build My character and swagger I’m on my way The road to redemption ‘Cause I’m sick and tired of this shit Mass illusion Eat my dust you lame ass motherfucking cunts Rolling down the lane Peril’s no strange That’s the way I know Get up and go Arise – break out
Call to Arms 04:52
Chains, locks and fences Guard the public space Blind compliance Keeps power in place Weapons of mass frustration Plant the seed of domination One against each other Turns the planet cold Indoctrination Rips mind and soul War and carnage Sick parade on TV screen Insane day and age Fed on soylent green Time to look it in the eyes Enough’s enough, can’t you see The world’s a wreck A pandemonium in check Stand up and be counted Do it now, stop this nightmare Fight back, get the bastards grind’em down It’s your life, wake the fuck up Control – that’s the way they know Far too long they’ve been running the show Lying, Denying Justifying with the biggest pile of shit one ever heard of Born to die All set up for you to serve They suck you dry So walk the walk, grab it by the horns Motherfuckers made it hell Turn the tide and set it straight So learn to play the game Get up off your knees Stop acting like a slave Don’t have to be like this Get hold of your life And come alive Rise up and make it count On this land of tears
Enemy Mind 05:43
Clock is ticking Thoughts race through my head So nerve wrecking Now I’m riding the winds of death Lacerating Burnt out soul splits in two Mutilating Demons leech and feast on lush human stew Tribulation, gasping for air Heavy burden, cross to bear Fear Leads the path into the darkness Shock Makes the flame burn down to ashes Behold! The beast has gone berserk Collides with doors and gates held shut Slashes through broken bones and mud Bringer of death – damnation Hands on the wheel Standing firm and standing still Face the foe with iron fist When in the lion’s den Flowery tracks give way to dimness and mist Flooded by deceit and confusion Been played by the master of illusion So when the time comes And one has to face the truth Shit may hit the fan Unless one lets this message through: Drop the weight and let it go Let it go!


This is Denfire's debut EP.


released December 8, 2021


all rights reserved



Denfire Brazil

After 30 years playing in several bands in Brazil and in the UK, multi-instrumentalist Denfire goes solo to deliver his unique blend of heavy music.

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